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We design customised projects of all kinds, modulated in space with lightweight, yet strong and quick-to-assemble honeycomb cardboard structures.



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Packaging, displays, window décor, shopping bags and accessories in honeycomb cardboard

Our aim is to use an ecological and poor material, such as cardboard, by transforming it into a design object or a chic and luxurious furnishing accessory. Specifically, we deal in eco-chic design: design, chic and eco-friendly furniture in honeycomb cardboard for shops and boutiques. We study with the customer the best possible solutions for furnishing shops entirely made of cardboard.

Everything inside a shop we can make environmentally friendly, yet chic. We design made-to-measure projects of all kinds, modulated in space with lightweight, yet strong and quick to assemble honeycomb cardboard structures.

Why honeycomb board

Honeycomb board is composed of air spaces and paper, with incredible properties of modularity, strength, lightness and recyclability. We choose sheets with an internal cell or wave structure and different thicknesses ranging from 5 to 40 mm. Honeycomb cardboard is light, but can withstand weights of more than 6 kg/cm2. It is made from certified recycled paper and energy-efficient production techniques.

For over 40 years we have been producing paper rolls and labels

Mara Cartotecnica, which has been on the market for over 40 years, started out as a manufacturer of paper rolls and labels. In recent years, continuous research and customer focus in the retail world have led the company to develop innovative products for eco-sustainable packaging, honeycomb cardboard furnishings and labels for the luxury sector. We offer an all-round consultancy service to customers in the retail world and to boutiques in order to find valuable eco-sustainable solutions for the packaging of their products and for shop fittings.

The DTR iOT eco-kiosk project

The DTR IOT Bar is a kiosk made entirely of cardboard, conceived as an innovative, zero-impact, ecological solution for the HORECA industry. The result of a collaboration between DTR Italy, specialising in telematics recorders and payment systems, and Mara Paper Lab, a division of Mara Cartotecnica specialising in cardboard products, this bar offers a digital environment where customers can consult the menu, place orders and make payments via digital devices. Thanks to its versatility and ease of installation, the DTR IOT Bar can be placed in various locations, from the beach to a city square, promoting the sustainable digitisation of commercial activities.

The kiosk consists of a counter area for preparing drinks and a lounge area with seating and tables, and is available in different versions, from the simplest in corrugated cardboard to the most sophisticated with honeycomb cardboard panels and other quality materials. Thanks to the customisation possible in terms of materials, finishes and colours, the DTR IOT Bar easily adapts to its surroundings.

Mara Paper Lab stands out for the production of completely eco-friendly furniture and fittings made of cardboard, using recycled and reusable material. The use of cardboard not only communicates a commitment to environmental sustainability, but with high-quality details transforms it into elegant furniture and design elements, giving the kiosk a chic and luxurious look that attracts customers’ attention.

Mara Paper Lab at FuoriSalone 2024

Mara Paper Lab, present during the Fuori Salone 2024 with the PAPER REVOLUTION FOR RETAIL space (at DecorLab in Via Tortona, 37), narrated an eco-sustainable retail dimension. Cardboard and cArtù (produced by Grifal spa) in various colours and finishes give life to eco-sustainable furnishings for a demonstration retail space, open to the public.

The DecorLab space opened its doors to us to let people touch our innovative products and to encourage the use of cardboard and other environmentally sustainable materials also for furniture, targeting above all architects and companies operating in the contract and retail furnishing sector.

The theme of the exhibition, ‘Design, Decoration, Sustainability’, fully described the intent of our exhibition, which transforms environmentally sustainable packaging materials into easy-to-assemble, lightweight, environmentally sustainable, yet attractively designed furnishing objects. The intent was also to stimulate visual merchandisers to become promoters of change in the retail world, turning to attentive and innovative suppliers offering more sustainable materials. The shop window and the shop thus become an edutainment and infotainment tool to raise awareness of respect for the planet or to narrate the brands’ commitment and campaigns on environmental and social issues.

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